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News (2008-01-23): Updated to include the latest version published by Roman Czyborra in 2007-12-31.

2008-08-20: Paul Hardy has completed Unifont with a glyph for every printable code point in the Unicode Basic Multilingual Plane. Download the latest version at his site.

GNU Unifont is a typography distributed in hexadecimal textual format, with support for more than 30000 characters. It is a "bitmap" typography whose characters can be of 8x8 or 8x16 pixels, according to its width.

Usually, it was turned to "bitmap" format in order to be used in UNIX and Linux systems. Nevertheless, many programs (still under Linux) no longer support fonts in "bitmap" format, preferring vectorial formats like Type 1 and Truetype.

Because of this, and because TrueType has become the used standard more for vectorial sources, it was necessary a version of this typography in Truetype format.

What I did was to create script that read the file unifont.hex and created sfd (native format of description of curves of Fontforge) that contained a square by each pixel of unifont.hex. Soon, I left Fontforge read the file sfd, "it optimized it", and it generated a TrueType typography from sfd.

Download unifont.ttf

GNU Unifont was originally created by Roman Czyborra. Since then, a number of people have made additions and updates to it, most notably David Starner.
The following copyright notice is taken from
All of my works you find here are freeware. You may freely copy, use, quote, modify or redistribute them as long as you properly attribute my contribution and have given a quick thought about whether Roman might perhaps be interested to read what you did with his stuff. Horizontal rules don't apply.


I haven't updated these files yet.. The last version is at Paul Hardy's site.


Download unifont.ttf (ZIP, 1,8 MB)

Download unifont.ttf (GZIP, 1,8 MB)

Download LGMunifont.tar.gz (TAR.GZ, 2,5 MB) - here is unifont.hex + scripts that I wrote to turn it to Truetype. In order to use them, you need Perl and Fontforge.

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